Commissioning a portrait is easy and fun!

A portrait is a one of a kind heirloom

I have 20 years experience painting portraits for private clients and public institutions, including the University of Cincinnati. Paintings range from affordable, easy to display miniatures to full-length showpieces. Portraits are a special way of celebrating life's important milestones and stages.

Whenever possible, I like to meet the subject to take photographs and sketches from life, but I can work from your treasured photographs, as well.


We start with a phone or e-mail conversation about details like subject, size, background and medium. If you already have photos, I am happy to evaluate them as reference. If you would like me to take photos and work with you on posing, we will set up a time for a photo session. I accept payment for the posing and photos at that time. Then, I go to my studio and get to work! I will send photos of the sketch on canvas/paper for approval and ask for 1/2 of the payment. The fee for the photos and 1/2 of the painting price are non-refundable. Next, I send another photo when I am almost finished and welcome an suggestions. I work hard to make sure your portrait is exactly what you hoped for! Payment of remaining balance is due upon completion of the painting to your satisfaction. You are welcome to pick up the painting at my studio or I can ship it to you. Cost of shipping and insurance is the responsibility of the client and vary according to size and distance.

Contact me at if you have any questions!

Price List

Small Oil Portraits

(Client provides photo reference)

Miniature Portrait 3x4” --- $200

Head and Shoulders 5x7” --- $500

Head and Shoulders 8x8” --- $800

Oil Portraits

Head and Shoulders 11”x14”  --- $3,000

Torso with hands 16”x20”--- $5,000

Seated 16”x20” or 24”x28”--- $6,000

Full Length sizes vary --- $8,000

Watercolor Portraits

Head and Shoulders 11”x14”--- $1500

Torso with hands 11”x14” or 16”x20”--- $2000

Posing and Photography —- $175

*Additional figures may be added at 15% discount.

*Each additional painting at 15% discount

*Detailed backgrounds and pets may be included for additional fee

*Custom sizes available upon request